Audio Samples




We have compiled some before and after audio files for you to compare the


difference between the raw unedited files and the files which we have









It is recommended that you wear headphones when listening so you can more clearly hear the difference. Many if not most of your listeners will be wearing headphones, so you should hear what they will be hearing.


The samples on the links below are approximately 30 seconds long. In the first 12 to 15 seconds section you will hear the raw unedited file. In the last half you will hear the edited section.


You will hear a dramatic difference in sound quality. This is the least time consuming process for us and therefore the least expensive option.


These links will open a brief audio file for your comparison.



































Audio editing is more of an art than a science. Not all unwanted sound can be removed. There are fatal errors in some recordings that can't be fixed. Examples of this would be echoes, continuous sounds directly covering the speakers voice (like crying babies, sirens, and car alarms). Thumps and sharp sounds can often be removed because the don't dominate the sound wave like a long continuous sound does.


Things like backround hums & buzzes, ahs and ums, volume levels, word removal, long silences can usually be repaired.


How we work with you and getting started:


We can download your audio file from your website or you may upload it to our secure Dropbox file. We will work on a few minutes of the file and send it to you for you to evaluate for free. If you are satisfied with the result, we will quote you on the cost to edit and repair the entire file. We want you to hear in advance what to expect before you commit to our working on the entire file before you pay for it


We do it this way because you need to understand that while most files can be made nearly perfectly clean and clear, some audio files are so corrupted that we can only improve the quality.


A person's evaluation of the cost and value of a service is subjective, of course, but we think you will find that this is a very affordable procedure.


Again, we like to look at each job individually and clean the first couple of minutes and then send that to you to evaluate and see if it meets your satisfaction before you or we commit to working on the file.


Please contact us at with your questions or to attach a file for us to evaluate.


United States Telephone: (305) 600-2101


European Telephone: UK 020 3289 5344
















































































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