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Dear Pastors and Church Administrators:






We offer a range of services to Christian church's beginning with our service of editing sermons that are poorly recorded or have a lot of noise and other unwanted sounds that need to be edited out. Most pastors spend a couple of days a week preparing to deliver what they pray will be a Spirit lead inspirational message and it can be quite disappointing to have to archive these great sermons on their websites for others to hear only to have the quality diminished by a background hum, buzz, or other sounds that can distracting to the listeners.


The advantage for church administrators and pastors who must be budget minded is that we can do this work for a lower cost than almost anyone including doing it in house. A basic background noise removal (Level 1) costs about $20 dollars, which is a discounted price from what we charge secular companies.


Our sound technicians are blessed to have the work and our clients are blessed by getting good value for their money. And we are blessed not only by the savings, but with the knowledge that we are helping you, the pastors and churches, get the Word out with a quality recording.



When you attach your name to something it becomes personal. When you attach your spoken or written word to your name and then broadcast it thorough-out the world it becomes intensely more personal.

That’s what your sermons are, an expression of your beliefs, endorsements, teaching or faith “on the air” for the world to access, consider and absorb. Not much is more personal to you than that, or to your listeners. And like most responsible pastors who broadcast their spoken word, they want to take pride and please God in the quality of the product they are bringing forth.

And this is why Touchpoint Communications exists, to help you put your message out there in the best possible light. Our audio editing and enhancement services are designed for just that purpose.






















What we can do for your problem recordings



  • Cut out unwanted words and sounds like when a speaker says “um…” or “uh…”, coughs, beeps, audience noise, background noise, clicks, crackle and pops, buzzing and hums, etc.


  • Remove unwanted silence and gaps in the beginning, end, or anywhere in between. Thereby reducing the length of your recording and holding the listeners interest better.


  • Delete parts of a conversation, such as words, sentences, or even whole topics.


  • Add music to your recording, such as an introduction and closing fade-in/fade-out, or low background music behind the person speaking.


  • Boost or reduce the volume of one or more sections of the recording or speakers or so they’re easier to hear.


  • Distorted audio clean-up.


  • Declipping.


  • Convert audio files and make audio files from your videos.


  • Capture online contents (audio, videos, webinars, etc.)


  • Match different takes to each other.





What types of audio can we edit?


Radio shows


How we work with you:



We can download your audio file from your website or you may upload it to our secure Dropbox file. We will work on a few minutes of the file and send it to you for you to evaluate for free. If you are satisfied with the result, we will quote you on the cost to edit and repair the entire file.


We do it this way because you need to understand that while most files can be made nearly perfectly clean and clear, some audio files are so corrupted that we can only improve their quality. We want you to hear in advance what to expect before you commit to our working on the entire file before you pay for it


A person's evaluation of the cost and value of a service is subjective, of course, but we think you will find that this is a very affordable procedure.


NOTE: If you have audio files that you know need correction but aren't sure which ones they are, send us a link to your audio archives and we will search out problem files for you at no cost to you. Then we will send you an email identifying these files.


We Guarantee our Work


If you are not satisfied with the results, we will continue

to work on the file until you are or you don't pay for it.

Audio books
Voice overs
      Audio interviews
Audio lectures
E-learning multimedia


Samples of repaired audio files and pricing




A Level 1 edit is a basic background noise reduction process which also includes the removal or reduction of some of the more obvious and glaring unwanted sounds. In the Level 1 editing process we do not audit the entire file. We apply certain techniques that will be applied to the entire file automatically.


The samples on the links below are Level 1 repairs and are one minute long. In the first part of the file you will hear the raw unedited file. In the second part you will hear the edited section.


You will hear a dramatic difference in sound quality. This is the least time consuming process for us and therefore the least expensive option.


These links will open a 30 second or less audio file for your comparison.


It is recommended that you wear headphones when listening so you can more clearly hear the difference. Many if not most of your listeners will be wearing headphones, so you should hear what they will be hearing.



LEVEL 1 REPAIR SAMPLE 1 - Background hum noise reduction.

(24 sec. total file size - Repaired part of file starts at 13 seconds)


LEVEL 1 REPAIR SAMPLE 2 Background hum noise reduction.

(28 sec. total file size - Repaired part of file starts at 14 seconds)


LEVEL 1 REPAIR SAMPLE 3 Background hum noise reduction.

(29 sec. total file size - Repaired part of file starts at 14.5 seconds)


LEVEL 1 REPAIR SAMPLE 4 Background hum noise reduction.

(26.5 sec. total file size - Repaired part of file starts at 13.5 seconds)


Our Level 1 fees for Christian churches is $20 for audio files of 1 hour or less.

For all others it is $25 per audio recordings of 1 hour or less.






A Level 2 edit is the ultimate editing repair. In the following Level 2 audio file we have made a dramatic difference in the sound. We removed background noise, coughing, bangs and bumps, speaker breathing & "ahs and umms", repeat words, long silences, clicks, etc.


Performing a Level 2 edit on an audio file is the most detailed and intense work we do and can take up to 2 or 3 hours to correct a 45 minute audio file depending on the severity of the problems on the file we observe.


In the LEVEL 2 SAMPLE 1, below, the pastor was suffering from a bad cold, listen to the raw audio

for the 5 minutes, and our treatment in the repaired audio the last three minutes (starting at 5:04 in the file)



LEVEL 2 REPAIR SAMPLE 1 (repair starts at minute 3:02)


Applied the following fixes:

Removed loud background hum, Removed sounds related to pastor’s cold, applied Compressor, Amplify, Pitch, Noise Reduction, & Normalize tools, removed audience coughing, Removed introduction talking about cold and started with Bible reading, Removed excess blanks space, Replaced background noise with ambient room noise, Took out several “ahms” and “ahs”.


LEVEL 2 REPAIR SAMPLE 2 (Repair starts at minute 1.15 seconds)



LEVEL 2 REPAIR SAMPLE 3 (Repair starts at minute 1)



Our Level 2 fees for Christian churches are $1 per audio file length minute (original file time).

For all others it is $1.50 per audio audio file length minute.


If you have any questions about our audio editing services, contact us by phone between 8am and 6pm Monday through Saturday, Central time. Or send us an email and we will respond promptly. (Contact Us Here)








































































































































































































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