About US

Touchpoint Communications began in 1988 publishing and marketing seven monthly financial newsletters to over 1800 professionals in the mortgage and real estate industries throughout the United States. The company is still owned by the original person and is still providing various financial services to clients worldwide.

In 2016 we were hearing from several of our close friends who sold on Amazon in the United States and Europe, that they were attempting to expand their Amazon sales to the EU and were having difficulty with the complexity of getting VAT registration certificates in the seven EU countries where Amazon had fulfillment warehouses. We spent a year researching how we could make the experience of getting VAT registered in Europe less complex and difficult.

We realized that the first thing we had to do was find and establish a network of English speaking accountants in 7 different countries that all understood the particular VAT needs of Amazon sellers and who wanted to associate with us and agree to our terms. This took 9 months to put together, but we established what we think is the finest team of accounting professionals in Europe.

While we were establishing our network of accountants, we have also defined what was needed to provide top notch customer service to our Amazon clients. Now we are able to help Amazon sellers get VAT registered in Europe with the least possible trouble and the best possible customer attention. Our customer service agents are not allowed to work with more than 40 clients. To take on more per agent would detract from the high level of customer service that we have come to understand is necessary as VAT facilitators.