VAT information exchange system (VIES)

VAT Information Exchange System

The VAT Information Exchange System is an free online service that enables companies to check that other businesses that they are trading with are properly VAT registered. This EU VAT number checking is a major requirement of all companies, and can lead to investigations and heavy fines if not completed.

All EU member states have created database of companies within their countries that are VAT registered. This is then shared on the European’s online VIES system. Traders can go online to this to check that their customer does have the VAT number they claim, and the intra-community supply can go ahead without a VAT charge.

VIES VAT number checking
Traders can log onto the VIEW site to check the VAT number. If they input a valid VAT number, they can check if any European VAT number is valid. However, it will not confirm the name or address of the business.
To check a VAT Number on VIES go HERE