As European VAT news and government VAT tax changes, rule or additions arise that may affect Amazon sellers, we will post it on this page in order to keep you current and compliant.We will also put up new from Amazon.

VAT News & Updates

Brexit news direct from HMRC..

Our priority is to avoid disruption to our global trading relationships as we leave the European Union.

The United Kingdom already trades with countries all over the world and will continue to do so regardless of whether we leave the European Union with a deal or not.

Nearly half of our trade is with the EU and a further 11% of our trade is covered by the existing EU trade agreements we are looking to continue as bilateral deals after we leave the EU: the 20 smallest of these agreements account for just 0.8% of UK trade. The remaining 40% of trade takes place with other countries.

The best way to avoid any disruption to our trade after Brexit is to leave the EU with a deal. This can secure our trade with the EU and trade with countries covered by the existing EU trade agreements. This is because leaving the EU with a deal will ensure UK businesses can continue to trade with the whole world on the same terms as they do today for the implementation period.

However, it is only responsible for Government to prepare for all eventualities. That’s why the Department for International Trade is continuing to work with countries to transition the existing EU trade agreements which the UK participates in as a member of the EU, in the event of a no deal to avoid disruption for businesses. This is our top priority and we have significantly increased resources transition these agreements.

We have already secured agreements with countries that account for more than a quarter of UK trade covered by these agreements. This includes signing agreements with Switzerland, which is worth over 20% in terms of value of these agreements, as well as Chile, the Faroe Islands, Eastern and Southern Africa, Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

We have also signed Mutual Recognition Agreements with the United States of America, Australia and New Zealand, which ensures that businesses don’t face additional bureaucracy and allows them to continue trading as freely as they do today after we leave the European Union.

Many of the other trade agreements are at an advanced stage, and the UK Government will be signing more in the coming days and weeks.

We will continue to update businesses and they should continue to plan for range of Brexit scenarios, including the possibility of leaving the European Union without an agreement.

German Tax Certificate
1 February 2019 by Amazon Seller services
Amazon selling partners fulfilling orders from or to Germany themselves, or using Fulfilment by Amazon, must obtain and provide Amazon a copy of their German Tax Certificate.

Amazon selling partners fulfilling orders from or to Germany themselves, or using Fulfilment by Amazon, must obtain and provide Amazon a copy of their German Tax Certificate. If you are unable to provide your German Tax Certificate by your deadline, you will no longer be able to sell on, to German customers, or from German fulfilment centres.

You need to be tax-registered in Germany with a valid Tax ID (Steuernummer) in order to be able to apply for a Tax Certificate in Germany. If you are not yet tax-registered in Germany, we recommend that you consult with a tax advisor to assess if you should be registered.

Please note that a Tax ID (Steuernummer) is not the same as a German VAT number. In some cases, you might be required to be locally tax registered in Germany (Steuernummer) but not required to be registered for VAT.

To apply for a Tax Certificate, you should submit an application to the German tax office that is responsible for the country where your business is legally established. You can find details of each countries’ corresponding tax office here.

You can submit an application for a Tax Certificate by email or post. For contact information of the different tax offices, click here.

It is recommended that you provide the above information to the tax office using the official application form.

Once you have received your Tax Certificate, you need to submit it to Amaon before the dates formally set out by the legislation.

If you need help with VAT registration or filing in Germany, email us at

VAT news Updates

VAT number mandatory to sell on Amazon in Italy in 2020.

February 22, 2019
Touchpoint Communications has learned directly from the Italian tax office that sometime next year Amazon sellers will not be permited to sell in Italy without a VAT certificate. If you are selling in Italy now and you do not have a VAT certificate, email us at and we will be give you a quote on regisration in Italy for your company.